The Fruit Winemaker’s Guide

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Dominic Rivard - winemakerYou are currently on the lookout for an informative guide whose sole purpose is to help and inform you on how to go about making great tasting wines from fruit, cider or mead? 

The Ultimate Fruit Winemaker Guide, written by multi-awarded winemaker Dominic Rivard will do just that. 

You’ll get simple and easy to follow instructions on how to make all types of fruit wines, get all you need to know with regards to the fruit wine industry. 

Included in the definitive fruit winemaker guide for all winemakers is the considerations to have in mind in setting up a profitable winery and producing award winning wines that consumers will love.

Some of the topics covered in detail in the Fruit Winemaker Guide:

  • The Fruit Wine concept and Winery Set-up Considerations
  • History of Wine and Fruit
  • Starting a Fruit Winery – the Start-up, Planning, Set-up Checklists     
  • Capital and Operating Costs
  • The Wine Facility      
  • Production Facility Sample Layouts
  • Equipment and Supplies
  • Production Planning
  • Acquiring the Needed Knowledge and Skills
  • Fruit Selection                                                                        
  • Ingredient Sources and Variety                                             
  • Specific Winemaking Procedures
  • Commercial Scale Selected Fruit Wine Recipes                   
  • Production Process                                                     
  • Wine Blending – Fruit Wine Blend Considerations  
  • Cellaring – Aging and Storing Wine             
  • Quality Control – Laboratory Analysis                     
  • Wine Faults and Flaws – Detection and Remedy     
  • Guaranteeing a Good Wine – Stability Tests
  • Wine Marketing                             
  • The Wine markets
  • Packaging and Branding                    
  • Alternative Wines for Specific Markets        
  • Health Benefits of Fruit Wines – Marketing Health  
  • and a LOT more…

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Happy fruit winemaking!

“We are Turkish Wine Producer and have read your book ‘’The Ultimate Fruit Winemaker’s Guide’’ which has been enlightening. It has opened our eyes to this wine style and we will develop new products from its information. Thank you.”
Asim Altintas
Kup Winery - Turkey
“Downloaded your book "The Ultimate Fruit Winemaker's Guide" a few days ago. Read most of it and I am very impressed with the way you wrote. It is orderly and to the point...”
Mike Noel
Petrofka Bridge Orchard, Saskatchewan
“A great source of information, not found elsewhere, very useful, thanks”
George Kennedy
New Mexico, USA
“If your are serious about winemaking, wanting to set-up a winery, knowing how to market wines or just curious about fruit wines and the industry, then this book is for you. I highly recommend it.”
Marc Godard
Winemaker - Canada

Fruit Winemaking

Why this Book?

This fruit winemaker guide is the culmination of 25 years of fruit winemaking, cider and mead making experience.

When I began making fruit wine, there was little (or no) information specific to fruit winemaking available. 

The books available didn’t do the subject justice and reflected the negative perception of fruit wines.

The book distills a career and with a lot of experimentation, hard work and successful commercial production and wine marketing throughout the world. 

In the course of making some truly undrinkable wines made in the early years, combined with hard-work and perseverance, this produced an expansive understanding of cider, mead and fruit winemaking nuances and the techniques. 

This is all required in order to produce amazing results.

I share my expertise, experience and mistakes with you, so that you can grow in your own winemaking pursuit. 

With step-by-step information on how to start a fruit winery, this will help produce incredible wine and be successful in marketing your wines.

I hope you enjoy reading this book as much as I enjoyed writing it. It is my sincere wish that it helps you produce world-class fruit wines and beverages. 

And, in doing so, enhances the public’s enjoyment and perception of fruit wines and beverages everywhere.

Your friend in winemaking,

Dominic Rivard