Trendy Blueberry in China


I was recently in China on business and one thing I have noticed is the incredible amount of food products of any type and beverages (including wines) that have blueberries in them.

Blueberries are VERY trendy in China now. They are seen as healthy and exotic. A fruit that people of means or “in the know” would consume. It fits in with the Chinese new wealth culture of embracing the new and trendy.

Now Chinese wineries are starting down the path of making blueberry wines in order to capitalize on this trend. I have had the chance to taste a few examples. Although the quality may not meet the standards of blueberry wines made in North America, a lot of what I tried was good.

What I have heard is that the Chinese provinces of the North East where Chinese blueberries grow can up keep up with the National demand for blueberries so imports are increasing… Perhaps this is a good opportunity for blueberry wine producers out there?

Anyway, it’s always good for me to see growth in the fruit wine sector. I am sure that a lot of blueberry wine was enjoyed during the last New Year festivities. Yet one other reason to raise a glass of fruit wine and pronounce the term of “bottoms up” in Chinese “Gambei”!

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