A Real Florida Wine!

Lychee wine?

I know it sounds kind of odd, but, really, what could be more Floridian than wines made with tropical fruits?

That’s the premise behind Schnebly, a new winery in Homestead — yes, it’s the southernmost winemaker in the United States — that produces mango, carambola, passion fruit, guava and lychee wines. I’ve been hearing all kind of things about the place and I keep meaning to visit it for a tour. But a while back I was fortunate enough to find its lychee wine at Whole Foods. I put the bottle in the fridge, then forgot all about it.

Until a couple of nights ago.

What a nice surprise! To be sure, it’s got the flavor of lychees — probably my favorite tropical fruit, with a taste that’s both nutty and sweet. But I find a little more character to this wine than your standard, over-the-top fruit wine. I’m not sure I’d want it as the accompaniment to any kind of meal, but it makes a class act of an after-dinner drink, especially on a warm South Florida early fall night.

By Charles Passy “The Hungry Man”

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