A South Dakota Wine Winner – Red Ass Rhubarb

A Best of Class award for a South Dakota winery.

Prairie Berry Winery in Hill City is enjoying the attention surrounding its latest success, a success that’s been a long time in the making.

The family behind Prairie Berry Winery’s been making wine – oh since 1876. That’s nearly 135 years of experience in every bottle.

Most recently that experience helped them bring home the Judges Choice and Best of Class awards back to South Dakota from the San Francisco Chronicle’s wine competition.
Marketing Director Michele Slott says, “They have really high standards, a silver’s like a double gold at another competition. It’s a big thing, it really is.”

Their red rhubarb wine is what has the judges talking. Made of 10 percent raspberries and 90 percent rhubarb.

“They named the top ten things they learned, we were number 3. They said that they had to drink more fruit wine, especially from Prairie Berry Winery – we’re the only ones named in the article,” says Slott.

Prairie Berry gets their fruit from all over the state of South Dakota. While the family’s been making wine for decades, Prairie Berry opened as a commercial winery in 1998.

17 thoughts to “A South Dakota Wine Winner – Red Ass Rhubarb”

  1. How much for a bottle or two of the Red Ass Rhubarb wine? How much to ship to Minnesota?

  2. i want to order some rhubard red ass wine…..tasted here in michigan and LOVED it….tart and divine!!!

  3. Why can’t I get it shipped to PA? Visited the winery on a trip this past spring and absolutely love this wine. Now would like to buy more!

  4. Linda – Many states have regulations on shipping wine directly to customers. In SD for instance you must go through a wholesaler. PA could be the same, you may have to go through a local wholesaler. They will be able to order the wine and get it shipped into the state where you can then go pick it up. Try talking to a liquor store or wholesaler in your area about getting the wine or contact the winery, express your interest and ask how you can get their wine in your area.

  5. Ilive in Worthington MN.wondering if there is a place close to that I may buy the Red Ass Rhubarb wine

  6. Thank you for all the comments! We wish we could ship everywhere, but many states have laws that don’t allow us to, or we haven’t gotten the necessary permits yet. If you would like to order some Red Ass Rhubarb (or any of our other wines), or just want more information, please check out our website at http://www.prairieberry.com or call the winery at 1.877.226.9453.

  7. I love the red ass wine…so ever delicious….I want to order it, but the shipping is more than the price of the wine..
    I live in New Jersey, Please tell me if it is sold here in my State..
    Thank you

  8. Linda,
    Thank you! We’re glad you love it and want to get more! Unfortunately, we can’t ship to New Jersey and we don’t retail outside of South Dakota. If you have family or friends in a state we can ship to (http://prairieberry.com/purchase/) we’d be happy to do so. We sometimes offer shipping sales through email or on social media, so if you want to follow us on Twitter or Facebook, and send me your email address ([email protected]) I can make sure you get included on these shipping deals.
    Thanks again!

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