A Visit to Chiang Rai Winery

The other day I visited Chiang Rai winery. A beautiful facility surrounded by the lush rugged mountains of Northern Thailand.

We were greeted by smiles, which is obviously common in Thailand and had a very friendly and informative tour of the winery.

I was very interested in visiting this winery, as it is the fruit winery that has the best reputation in Thailand. Their main story is that they make “health wines”. Wines that have health properties in the fruits they use or in the medicinal herbs steeped in the wine.

I tried the off-dry lychee wine that had a great aroma but unfortunately was not very balanced.

The mangosteen wine was interesting and apparently their best seller. However, the wine was a bit vinegary and lacked varietal aroma and taste of what fresh mangosteens demonstrate.

One wine, which I really like and actually purchased, was the “Thai Tokay Wine” made from several kinds of herbs, such as, Doh – Mi – Rue – Lom, Aloe Vera and Santol. An interesting blend made in the sweet style and a nice tropical fruit, honey, almost apricot flavour, which I found alluring.

The winery produces about 40 000 bottles a year and has no problem selling them, mostly to Japanese and Korean tourists.

A trip to Chiang Rai winery proved to be a unique and interesting winery tour that should be done by anyone visiting the area.wine

3 thoughts to “A Visit to Chiang Rai Winery”

  1. How can we visit Chiang Rai winery ? There is no information on this on the internet. Thanks

  2. HI Dominic
    we would like to visit the Chiang Rai winery for wine tour. Can u pls tell us how we can do that ? Its difficult to find such info in the internet except from what yo have written on this blog re Chiang Rai Winery. Appreicate your info. Thanks

    1. Hi Margaret, you should be able to simply show up at the winery and ask for a guided tasting and tour. They are open to the public. This is what I did when I visited. Hope this helps and enjoy your trip!

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