America in a Bottle of Fruit Wine

A hot sunny long weekend, a fourth of July weekend at that. What better way to enjoy it than with great friends and some ice cold American fruit wines?

Quality fruit wines are made in every corner of America; so there is no excuse not to taste and enjoy some over the weekend. Fruit wines are a true expression of the bounty of what we find in this country and its not only attributed to grapes!

Here is my list of great fruit wines found in many parts of the US that would make this weekend that much more special.

Florida Schnebly Winery Florida Passion Fruit Wine

For tropical fruit wine fans, this is a great crowd pleaser. Has great passion fruit aroma and delicate finish. Its smooth and refreshing. I would have it ice cold.

Pennsylvania Oak Spring Winery Peach Wine

Oak Spring’s Peach wine has been awarded many medals including “Best of Show” in Pennsylvania fruit wines. The wine is made from peaches that have been crushes and pressed to release their juice. We make the wine as sweet as the original juice. It is crisp and fruity as well as sweet. Serve this wine ice cold to bring out the peach aromas. It would be great with any light deserts and mild cheeses.

Vermont Boyden Valley Winery Blueberry

This blueberry Wine is made from low bush Vermont blueberries in a process just like a fine red wine. The result is a remarkable semi-sweet, full bodied after dinner wine that is much like a Port. A perfect complement to a variety of desserts, and, just for some added fun, comes in a in a unique cobalt blue collectors bottle, yumm!

Michigan Black Star Winery Cherry Wine

The state is very well known for its cherries. This is a fine example. They produce cherry wine in a ripe, fruity, semi-dry blush style. Made from a combination of cherry varieties that are both estate-grown and harvested from neighboring orchards, this wine is enjoyable as an aperitif, a luncheon wine, or with fresh seasonal fruits.

South Dakota Prairie Berry Winery Red Ass Rhubarb

This very popular winery makes a “kick ass” rhubarb wine. I had it recently at a wine show in Pennsylvania where it was featured and I was really impressed what can come out of the prairie states! Huge aroma and a finish that never seems to end!

California Casa de Fruta Pomegranate Wine

California doesn’t just make grape wines. Its fruit wines are really starting to get known and enjoyed all over the US and abroad. This soft, sweet, smooth tasting, gourmet dessert wine with a hint of tartness. Pomegranates are grown in their Madera, California orchard.

Texas Bruno & George Winery Strawberry Wine

It is deliciously perfumed with pure, sweet strawberry fruit. It is crisply balanced and super flavorful. Light and lively in the mouth with medium sweetness, the intense but balanced strawberry fruit makes it a lovely aperitif wine.

This is a fraction of the great wines available throughout the US. Go out there, enjoy the weekend and festivities. Just make sure you have some great American fruit wine with you to make it that much more special.


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