Fruit Wines are Coming to the Global Wine Scene!

logo_winevisionFruit wines are coming on the global wine scene!

As long-time readers of this site and people active in the wine industry, we all know that exciting things are occurring in the fruit wine sector.
Traditional wine companies are opening up to the possibilities of making wines from quality raw materials that are not grape based. A whole world of innovative possibilities is now opening up to fruit wines and wine consumers and wine lovers throughout the world are now wholeheartedly embracing this.

One of the leading wine symposiums where the global wine industry decision makers and wine innovators meet yearly will be held this year in Bilbao, Spain. This is where the industry will discuss global trends and innovations and basically what is “next” in this every changing industry.
Wine Vision is a business focussed, visionary and top level symposium where global leaders, CEOs and directors of the industry discuss the next phases in this ever changing industry. This is where the wine’s best brains get together to solve the industry’s biggest challenges and find inspiration.

Wine Vision inspires a fresh approach to perennial industry problems. The agenda is packed with the most creative and innovative minds in the business, as well as speakers from other industries, such as FMCG, fashion and luxury goods, who breathe fresh air into tired discussions.
One of the main topics of discussion will be fruit wines. It is interesting that this will be discussed in Spain, of the largest grape wine producers in the world and says a lot about where some of the focus is now turning to.

I will be talking at the event on fruit wines of course. The talk is entitled “Beyond the grape: A new world of fruit wines offers a fresh harvest of innovation” and the title says it all.

We all know that Innovative and top quality fruit wines, fruit fusion and fruit-centric alcoholic beverages are emerging to worldwide applause and exponential growth in popularity. Wine drinkers the world over are waking up to a fruit basket of new flavours and the industry is racing to keep up with the trend. The possibilities for wine beyond the vine are endless.

I will share with the group and provide insights for winemakers, winery owners, marketers and export leaders on three main topics:

1) A paradigm shift – the big fruit wine shake up and what it means for an evolving wine industry
2) Versatile and adaptable – wine styles, regional trends and producers that are leading the way.
3) Opportunity and innovation – market potential and the marketing challenge

Find out more on the Wine Vision site and see you in Bilbao!

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