Great Fruit Wine for Passover

By: Christine Picheca

I wanted wine recommendations for our Passover menus this month so I called up Anne Martin, our new wine writer, to ask her the dreaded question – know any good Kosher wines? Turns out, that’s not the loaded question it once was. Not only did she come up with three decent picks but it turns out Canada has three certified Kosher wineries Rodrigues in Newfoundland, Rush Creek in Ontario, Munro Meadery also in Ontario (who really make mead which is wine made from honey and is classified as a fruit wine.

Rush Creek was profiled in the second issue of Edible Toronto. Their specialty is fruit wines that are enjoying resurgence in the foodie world. The tastes of the new generation fruit wines are much drier wines and more refined fruit flavour than the cough syrup versions of the past.

Recently Colleen, our web editor, visited Rush Creek where she snapped these shots showing their pulp fermentation process for their Blueberry Rush wine. Proprietors, Wendy and Kim Flintoft explain on their website, that this process uses whole fruit, not from concentrate. Wendy and Kim welcome visitors so you can go and see for yourself how it is done.

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