Hungarian Fruit Wine: Traditional and Yummy!

I have stumbled across a a fruit winery today that I would like to share with fruit wine lovers out there. After looking at their site, I just want to make my way over to it for a visit and more importantly a taste of what they have to offer.

The wines of Ganadpuszta Winery are something I can see myself really getting into.

Ganádpuszta is located in the Ipoly Valley on the western slopes of the Börzsöny Mountains in Hungary, where gentle climate and expert cultivation guarantee highly aromatic fruits.

The area has an ancient tradition in fruit winemaking and distillation from the region’s wide variety of wild and cultivated flowers and fruits. The winery has dedicate itself to the challenging and rewarding production of high-quality fruit wines and brandy with unique bouquets and deliciously rich fruity tastes.

According to them, the secret lies in achieving the right balance between acidity and sweetness, so that the true flavor of the fruit is preserved. Every effort is made to ensure an authentic fruity taste.

Although the idea of producing wine from fruits other than grapes may seem strange at first when you think of Eastern European wines, there had been a long tradition in most European countries from ancient times until about 200 years ago to produce fruit wine. At the time, French vineyard owners wanted to protect their industry from encroachment by other fruits, which led to the passing of a law declaring that wine could only be made from grapes.

Because of that law, the knowledge that other fruits can make equally good wines was lost and the glory of fruit wine started to fade away. However, modern research has shown that fruit wine has many of the same benefits as grape wine, while additionally full of antioxidants and generally containing more vitamins and minerals than their grape counterparts.

Ganadpuszta seeks to return fruit wine to its rightful place by respecting the original flavours and artisan manufacturing tradition.

So I invite all who love fruit wines or are curious to try some to seek out wines such as what Ganadpuszta and other have done and revive these ancient traditions. I certainly will…

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