Setting-Up a Fruit Winery?

Lately I have been getting a lot of wine consulting requests from future fruit wineries in the US. There are a lot of new wineries that are coming on board this year and many more in the development and planning stages. This is a very exciting development as of course, it shows that the fruit wine sector is growing as well as a small sign that the economy is finally gaining some speed and that the recession may be on its way out.

I thought this presentation would be interesting to those folks thinking about taking the plunge into the wine world. It was prepared by the University of Nebraska and is more centered for setting up a winery in the mid-west but can be applicable to many other regions.

Its certainly not a simple endeavor but there are a lot of resources out there, fruit wine (and all wine for that matter) consumption is gaining momentum and its a very fun business to be in!

Hope this is informative and do not hesitate to contact me if you are thinking or planning to get into commercial winemaking…

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