The Exotic Thai Wines of Mythical Garden

Look out Wine World, there is a new, premium high-quality tropical fruit winery now in full production in Thailand!

Mythical Garden’s Thai fruit wines are now being launched worldwide. It is anticipated that there will be a large demand oversees in the Thai restaurant market. Thai cuisine is now very popular and trendy these days and these Thai wines are a great compliment to this trend.

The wines are a great addition to any quality ethnic restaurant wine list and compliment perfectly Asian cuisine. Obviously the wines match very well Thai spicy foods but also the full flavored and exotic Indian, Korean, and Japanese cuisine.

Wines from Thailand’s highest quality tropical fruits are transformed into high quality wines made with modern technology and cultivated expertise by a well-experienced winemaker.

I have tasted a lot of Thai fruit wines over the last few years and I must say that Mythical Garden’s fruit wines are on a league of their own. Made for the world markets, they will appeal to wine connoisseurs and people new to wine drinking alike.

Right now, two main styles of wines are produced by them. dry to off-dry table wines and also sweet “ice fruit wine” styles made in the cryo-extrated style similar to the ice ciders made in Canada.

Their initial offering for Thailand and the rest of the world include:

Apple Dessert Wine (made from apples grown in Northern Thailand near the Burmese/Laos border)

Rich amber colored and full-bodied in the glass, it has a clean, distinct taste of apple that builds from its luscious, velvety start to its long-lasting finish. A joy to drink, its fresh apple acidity makes this a wine to serve with any great dessert or after a fine meal.

Mangosteen Dessert Wine

Bright, red colored, with a deeply rich aromatic nose reminiscent of the true fresh expression of the mangosteen fruit, this intensely addictive tropical taste is very pleasing and memorable. This is a very unique dessert wine to be served at a special occasion.

Pineapple Dessert Wine

Capturing the inviting and memorable tropical taste of this fragrant fruit, this wine is full flavored, aromatic and well balanced. Opulent and rich, it is the perfect tropical dessert wine that accompanies most desserts or after a fine meal.

Mangosteen Dry table wine

The flavorful tropical taste of this fruit rich in anti-oxidants is very engaging and memorable. The wine is a true expression of the mangosteen and is easy to fall in love with. A great wine to enjoy everyday and a perfect accompaniment to rich Asian cuisine.

Pineapple Dry table wine

The inviting and memorable tropical taste of this wine is a true expression of the high quality bounty found in the historically and culturally rich Southern regions of Thailand. Full flavored, aromatic and well balanced; this wine is a perfect accompaniment to rich Asian cuisine.

Passion Fruit table wine

An appealing golden color, the luscious flavors of the fruit will be sure to ignite the drinker’s passion from deep within his or her soul. Reminiscent of a Rosé, this wine is a most pleasant accompaniment to any picnic, cheese and fruit platter, appetizers, Japanese sushi, any rich seafood, or simply enjoyable as a pleasant cocktail.

My favorite of the lot is the dry pineapple and the passion fruit wines. They are sure to become a hit and the talk of the wine world.

The winery can be reached at [email protected]

Here is there website:

Keep an eye out for these great fruit wines and let me know what you think!

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