The State of Chinese Wines…

The first annual China International Wine Forum was help recently in Beijing. It attracted most wine professionals from all over China and many parts of the wine producing world.

It was a good forum, which outlined the tremendous growth of China’s wine industry and the increased investment and involvement by domestic and outside players.

It was a good opportunity for me to meet winemakers and wine industry people from all over the world and make valuable contacts. I even had the chance to meet and chat with the president of the O.I.V. (International Organisation of Vine and Wine) Mr. Federico Castellucci. We discussed the present state of the Chinese wine industry and other issues.

The event was also an opportunity to discuss as an industry the setting up of a national icewine production standard. This is needed, as the present state of icewine production is a mess with countless “fake” icewines in existence in the market. I did a technical speech on the subject, which I think was well received.

China’s wine industry is attracting a lot of interest from outside. This is because it is growing at the fastest pace seen in history and is viewed as a way to absorb the large wine glut that now exists in parts of Europe and Australia. The increase in quality of Chinese wines and the large vineyard plantings will also start to make Chinese wines known outside of China.

The event was a success and will help put China on the world map in terms of being not only an important market but also a wine producing nation. This will become more and more important as time goes on. You should all start looking for good Chinese wines at a wine store near you…they are coming…

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  1. Very interesting! Is the fruit wine industry in China growing at the same pace as that of the grape wine? I presume that it is. Great blog, will be back.

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