7 Secrets of Wine and Women: What Every Woman Should Know

Wine and women, the perfect pairing… Wine is to women what beer is to men, this is generalizing but often true. It’s the most used to drink. Together with fruit wine, grape wine and champagne are the 2 things that make a dinner a fine dining. Hence, knowing the right kind of wine pairings and the occasional diversion to liqueur, eau de vie, vodka, whiskey and other liquors that goes well with your food, is an absolute essential.

Despite knowing all this, many of us lag behind in knowing our liquor. While some of us do know but we tend to forget tricks and trade of using those acquired taste and skills. So, here are 7 secrets of wine and women that every woman should know about wine:

1. Wine and Women: Pair it right

There’s no cardinal sin here. Pairing liquor is an art. It’s as exciting and challenging as making mocktails. In fact, making a good cocktail and pairing it rightly with a food element is a craft in itself. You need to be adventurous for that.

Try out different things, mix and match different things. Test all types of wines. Sometimes mix and match with other liquors. Be adventurous and try your hand being a mixologist. Go to wine tasting classes. Learn a thing or two and most importantly know the intricacies of your favorite liquor.

2. Find out a good dealer

Finding out a good store is as much an art as making a wine. With scores of option and the majority of them selling all the well-known brands, it’s difficult to choose.

But the real trick in selecting the one who has an expertise in the area. Women who knows to source their liquor, sometimes even directly from the farms. They should also have obscure, unknown exotic liquors which are hard to get.

3. Know the Wine Making Process

Just experimenting and knowing the ways of presenting wine isn’t enough. You have to up your game. Take it to the next level. How about making your own wine? Startled much?

Yes, it can be done. You just need to know about the process. Fruit wine is relatively easier to make than whiskey including black maple hill and champagne or vodka. With proper knowledge about the ingredients and the process, you can try it.

The exact temperature, pH- acidic or alkaline, the required number of days for fermentation, and the required agents and ingredients will do the trick. There goes your knowledge of the process along with your homemade wine.

4. Double Check Ingredients

Simply knowing the ingredients isn’t enough, you have to double check to ensure everything.

Not just the regular ingredients like grapes, sugar etc. but also the preservatives and additives have to be maintained in the correct proportion.
Sulphite is one such preservative whose addition ensures the wine is made well and lasts long.

You might succeed in making your own wine, but knowing this helps in preserving your liquor and savouring it for the long run. So, pay heed to the ingredients.

5. Know the healthier options

Knowing about wines comes with its fair share of challenges. There are different varieties and different ways of making it. So, it’s important to know which is healthier and more beneficial.

Red wine is known to be healthier as it has all the elements of the grapes. They come with the nutrients of the red grape seeds, skins, and vines.

Most berry fruit wines have been proven to be even healthier than red grape wines! Whereas, a white wine generally don’t have those things. It’s just the white grapes.

Wines can also reduce the risk of Type-2 Diabetes and helps in improving the overall sugar levels.

6. Drinking Wise

Obviously, it doesn’t end there. You need to know about the side effects of wine. Just serving them isn’t enough. It needs to be served right.

Wine is problematic for people with high blood pressure, insomnia, gout, asthma and other such diseases. So be read up and be careful while serving.

Perhaps, here you can use some other liquor like the viniq vodka, which is a blend of vodka, Moscato (Italian dessert wine) or apple, pear or peach wines with some fruit flavors or even some cranberry juice.

7. Wine Drinking Strategy

Knowing the side effects is the first step of drinking wisely but it’s not the end.

You need to fine tune it and develop a full-fledged strategy of your own. How to optimize your wine drinking is an art by itself?

2 glasses of wine compensated by a glass of water and a healthy meal, this might be your strategy.

This should include food prepared with wine, the ratio of serving wine to people. All this should be kept in mind if you are a wine lover.

So I raise a glass to wine and women everywhere!

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Harold Camaya is a blogger who loves to write, especially in Beverages vertical. She has written many captivating and informative articles.

Her hobbies are travelling and reading novels.

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