Birth of a New Cider

By now, a lot of you know that I am a true and true real cider lover. I travel the world looking for a pint and will make detours to find a good one.

These travels have brought me recently to the heart of the Canadian Prairies in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan. There I was lucky enough to be involved in Sue Echlin and Vance Lester’s cider project. These guys and proud owners of Living Sky Winery don’t take short cuts when it comes to making a fine cider and it shows.

I had the honour of being present at the initial bottling of the cider, tweaking the carbonation levels and helping out with the bottling.

This little video will show you a bit of what “3 Day Dog” is all about. Since this bottling, sales have been brisk but if you happen to be in the Saskatoon area, make sure you grab a few bottles and savour the dog ;-).

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