Fruit and Grape Wine Blends Hitting the World Stage at Vinexpo

I just got back from a busy trip to Bordeaux, France, home of the largest wine trade show in the world – Vinexpo. There are of course thousands of wines being promoted, sold, bought with different wine brands and concepts launched. Vinexpo is the launch-pad for many wines as most important wine distributors, buyers and producers make it to the show every two years to see what is new and what trends are developing.

This year, one of the most interesting new trends I was able to see is the emergence of quality grape/fruit blends. I am not talking about “coolers” of the “mist” type wines that are a mixture of water, alcohol and flavours with maybe a tad of generic wine in them. What I am talking about is actual varietal wines blended with real, fruit, fruit wines or fruit liqueurs. The alcohol levels are usually a bit lower, the wines are lighter, fresher and the fruit component helps accentuate the grape variety’s character.

I say at least 5 companies launching similar products. Most of them wines blended with real fruit juice or concentrates with another winery blended varietal wines with actual fruit liqueurs.

With a hot summer looming, these are the types of wines that the market is now looking for and is helping putting fruit wines on the map. Something I will always agree with.

Cheers to summer and the wonderful quality fruit and grape wine blends now being produced!

One thought to “Fruit and Grape Wine Blends Hitting the World Stage at Vinexpo”

  1. It is really nice to hear that people started blend fruit and grape wine.
    I have done same experiment with Sauvignon blance and papaya wine….It really travel nicely on palate…..
    Many of my frndz appreciate it…..
    keep posting same again and again…
    I just love it…

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