Fruit Wine in Alberta Cattle Country? You Bet!

When we think of Alberta, we think of prairies, wheat, cows and oil, right? Think again, Alberta is also a winemaking province responsible for producing quality fruit wines from the excellent fruit that also grows in this unique Canadian province.

One such winery is Fieldstone Fruit Wines, located in Strathmore, Alberta which is about a 40 minute drive east of the burgeoning city of Calgary.

Field Stone Fruit Wines, is Alberta’s first cottage winery, and opened in July of 2005.

The winery sits on 50 acres of mature berry orchards. All the wines are 100% produced from their luscious crops of raspberries, strawberries, wild black cherries and Saskatoon berries.

For many years, it has been a popular “u-pick” orchard has been known for its exceptional fruit, harvesting extra-sweet berries using biological farming principles.

Prairie berries such as the Wild Cherry or the Saskatoon berry make truly excellent wine both in table wine version as well as fortified or dessert wine style. This is mainly due to their intense and concentrated nature. These fruit are not always well known outside of Prairie regions but for those lucky enough to taste these fruit or drink its wines, it is truly love at first bite (or sip). Albertans are quite proud of their indigenous fruit and it is easy to understand why.

In my experience with the raspberry, I can honestly say that raspberries grown in Alberta are by far the most flavourful I have ever tasted. This is reflected fully in the raspberry wines made in Alberta.

Fieldstone Fruit Wines produces seven wines which are all outstanding and well worth the drive out to the winery for a taste if you are unable to find the wines in your neighbourhood.

Here is the list:

Bumble berry Fruit Wine

Medium-dry dinner wine which boasts a subtle berry blend, making it the perfect accompaniment to both Asian and Western cuisine. A great afternoon patio drink.

Raspberry Fruit Wine

An off-dry dinner wine with a slightly tart edge provides a crisp, clean burst of summer all year around. This word sums up this wine…”WOW!”

Cherry Fruit Wine

This medium-dry dinner wine combines three of Alberta’s finest cherry varieties: Carmine Jewel, Rose and Evans, culminating in a sensational aroma and exceptional flavour. All of the prairie’s cherries, blended for the first time.

Strawberry Dessert Wine

A bright and boisterous dessert wine is produced from the “Kent” variety of strawberries, long known as Alberta’s juiciest strawberry variety. An instant pleasure and dare I say…addiction?

Saskatoon Berry Dessert Wine (Fortified)

A highly aromatic dessert wine brings a more intense and complex Saskatoon flavour to your glass. It is made from the prairie’s most famous berry.

Wild Black Cherry Dessert Wine (Fortified)

This unique-flavoured dessert wine captures the rich heritage of the Western Canadian chokecherry. A very distinctive flavor and intense aroma.

Raspberry Dessert Wine (Fortified)

A premium dessert wine is made from the winery’s highest quality raspberries. The result is a luscious, velvety flavour with lingering finish. A real joy to have with chocolate or cheese cake.

I do hope many of you will have the chance to taste some of these well made Prairie fruit wines and experience another side of what this land is famous for.

Cheers to the Prairie Berries (and its fermented equivalent)!

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