Korean Fruit Wine = Traditional and Yummy!

I was in South Korea last week and had the chance to taste several well made Korean Fruit wines. By far the most popular are the traditional Korean berry liqueurs made from blackberries and raspberries. They are made in a light “port” style. That is fermented part-way, then fortified to about 15% alcohol. Very tasty indeed.

Another popular fruit wine available in Korea is the plum wines with small plums actually in the bottles.

Podojui is made from rice wine that is mixed with locally grown grapes. The most popular fruit wines are made from maesil plums, Chinese quinces, cherries, pine fruits, and pomegranates.

Koreans have the second largest rate of alcoholic beverage consumption per capita (after Russia). Fruit wine production and consumption has a long history in that country. Most Korean families also make a traditional fruit wine by steeping local fruits in “Soju” and drink at holiday seasons.

It was interesting to see that and if brings to mind of the enormous potential that exists in Korea for quality fruit wine producers to get in on that market.

If you are ever offered a glass of Korean fruit wine by someone, make sure you say “KAMSAMNIDA!” (Thank you in Korean).

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