Fruit Wines in the News…

This tropical fruit winery has been getting a lot of positive media attention lately. Always good to see as it reflects the fast growing interest in fruit wines. I will write more about this winery in the coming weeks…

From NBC News (South Florida):

Couple Touts ‘Agrotourism’ With Tropical Wine

05/06/2007 — When most people plan a trip to South Florida, they imagine world-class beaches, international fashion designers and hot Latin sounds.

But one couple is using wine made from tropical fruit to lure visitors away from the beach to experience other aspects of South Florida’s natural beauty.

Instead of using grapes, Peter and Denisse Schnebly are embracing Florida’s agricultural strengths by making wine from fruits such as carambola and lychee that won’t grow in cooler climates.

The Schneblys started selling their wine in 2005 to cut the waste from their tropical fruit orchards. They now farm about 100 acres in the Redland area west of Homestead.

They got the idea to make wine a few years earlier from a friend who owned a winery in upstate New York.

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