Winery Focus – Forbidden Fruit Winery, Cawston, BC

This is the first of a continuous focus on individual fruit wineries throughout the world, the people, passion and what drives them to create their fruit wines in a grape wine world.

The first winery I am writing about is one close to my heart as I have helped them with their product development of their award winning winery.

Forbidden Fruit Winery is located on Ven ‘Amour Organic Farms, a 147 acre certified organic tree fruit farm and nature estate. The winery is exclusive in using 100% certified organic tree fruits grown in the Similkameen Valley, BC, Canada. It is an outgrowth of the Similkameen’s tremendous dedication to organic farming. About 40 per cent of the farms in the valley are organic.

It all began with Kim and Steve in 1981 on raw, virgin bench land along the Similkameen River. Ven ‘Amour Organic Farms has been farmed organically since day one, in 1977. The farm was certified organic in 1984, the year certification began in B.C. The farm is family operated and the orchards are planted on a gentle sloping hillside bordering the Similkameen River and are completely isolated from commercial farming areas. They are committed to stewardship of the land, soil sustainability, farm sanitation and natural predators. The passion in these ideals enables them to produce wine from the cleanest and finest quality fruit. Having made their mark as farmers, they are setting out now to make their mark as well in wine.

Growing over 60 varieties, the couple specialize in varieties of soft fruit from cherries, apricots, peaches, and plums to exotic varieties of apples, pears, both European and Asian.

Production levels of wines is still small but the winery is getting excellent feedback from the industry and more importantly consumers. As a result, production has already doubled in the last year and may triple in the following years with expected exports to the Orient.

Some of the wines made at the winery are the following:

Adam’s Apple: A dry apple wine with 11% alcohol, this has bright, fresh aromas and flavours of the fruit. A well-made easy-drinking quaffer, it should appeal to cider lovers. It is refreshing before a meal and pairs well with many dishes.


Impearfection: Coyly-labelled Impearfection is a play on the ingredient, Asian pears, a fruit once limited to the Chinese Imperial court. This is an aperitif/dessert wine. It begins with exotic aromas of rose petals, ginger and spice, leading to layered honeyed Muscat flavours. The spice contributes to the impression of a dry finish while the body suggests residual sugar. The winery recommends this dramatic wine with cheesecake, crème brûlé, even Asian foods.


Cerise d’Eve: A cherry port with 17% alcohol, this wine has a brilliant jewel-like hue. The flavours are intense, with notes of cinnamon and peppermint and fruit. Sweet but well-balanced.


Crushed Innocence: Made from white peaches, this light, refreshing wine reaches out with a fruity aroma that jumps from the glass. The flavours are delicate, yet intensely focused and virginally pure. The wine has 10.5% alcohol and is slightly off-dry.


Pomme Desiree: Blended with six apple varieties, this ice cider is a stunning tour de force with crisp, clean apple flavours and a luscious juicy texture. The colour is light golden.The wine has11% alcohol and a sweet but well-balanced finished that persists. Just yesterday it was announced that this wine won “Best of Varietal” category at the prestigious Okanagan Wine Festival, beating out all of the grape wines in the dessert categories.

Cherysh: Off dry rose style made from 100% organic red cherries. An absolute joy to drink with chicken salads or any picnic fare.

These excellent wines are winning awards and medals at an impressive rate and are now available in many quality restaurants and high-end wine retail shops in BC. They will soon be available in the Province of Alberta and in overseas markets of Korea, China and Japan. If you see a bottle of their wines available anywhere, don’t miss the chance to grab a bottle (or several) before everyone else does!

Cheers to well made quality fruit wine!

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