Fruit Wines Ripe for the Picking

Fruit wines are in the news these days! The following is an article by author TIM PAWSEY who writes for the Vancouver Courier.

The article idea came about after digging up a forgotten 15 year old bottle of raspberry wine from a cellar, not knowing what it would taste like after all that time and being deliciously surprised by the results. Since I made that bottle of wine all that time ago, it certainly gave me little ego boost knowing that fruit wines can age as well as some of the best of their grape cousins out there.

More importantly, its always great to see that more and more respected wine competitions such as the Okanagan Wine Festival are now opening their arms to fruit wines on an equal footing to the established grape counterparts. All good in the fruit wine world.

Fruit wine lovers, read on…

Fruit wines Ripe for the Picking.

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