The Best Fruit Wines To Try Before You Hit Your 40s

Fruit WinesMost of us have had fruit wines, but with all that is available, which fruit wines to try before you hit your 40’s?

The first-ever fruit wines appeared in the history of human civilization was over 2000 years ago. Ancient Greeks and Romans made the first fruit wines. Today fruit wines are as popular as any wine – red or white. Now fruit wines are setting out a trend – anything but grapes for wine! Winemakers have taken on the trend and moved on to their fruit farms. The outcome is utterly delicious!

Fruit wines are just fermented alcoholic beverages made from fruits – other than grapes. Let’s not confuse them with beer or mead. Fruit wines are not only limited to fruits but flowers, herbs, and spices. Fruit wines are very popular with home winemakers – and in many parts of the world fruits, average households make wines. East Africa is famous for its local fruit wine made out of Bananas!

One can ask – why drink a fruit wine?  Fruit wines possess a higher level of antioxidants than wine, sometimes even seven times of regular wine. We have long known the health benefits of wine – improving heart health and blood pressure. Now just add fruits too in the wine; the health benefits stay the same or increased by the fruits and their advantages. One could not forget about taste in the whole affair – it’s very much sweet!

As you are aging, you have made lots of list of to-dos before you get too old. You must have made a list of wines to drink. Add one more list to your to-dos – Fruit wines to drink before you reach your 40s.

Berry Fruit Wines

Berry section in fruit wines would take forever! There are many berries fruit wines out there, and they are the epitome of delicious. The process of winemaking is roughly the same for berries wine. There are many commercially available berry fruit wines – and one can get a homemade recipe too.

strawberry fruit winesStrawberry wine is the most favorite of the fruit wines. One should consume strawberry wine fresh out of the bottle. The taste varies from sweet to mild with all those fresh summer flavors. Blueberry wine is low in sugar and high in acid. Blueberry wine would oust grape wine.  Blueberry wine is superior in nutritional impact than its grape counterparts.

Blackberry wine is similar to a merlot in taste with rich flavors. Elderberry wine is another popular fruit wine. Its nutritional benefits are on top of any other fruit wine from the list. The wine is light and sweet enough to make it an aperitif, and there is a sparkling version available commercially too. Many wineries are serving the best kind of berries wine and are widely available in markets. Our pick is the Il Conte Stella Rosa Stella Black Italy which is a fruit wine mix of varieties of berries.

Plum Fruit Wines

Plum wine is very popular in Japan and Korea. Plum wines have been drunk with meals as an aperitif for over 1000 years in Japan. Plum wine or Umeshu is a Japanese liqueur made by steeping fresh Japanese plum in shochu (white liquor) and sugar.  Umeshu is quite made in every household in Japan and stocked until ready to drink. Yet it is easy to make in-home – there are hundreds of recipes found on the internet.

Umeshu or Plum wine is sweet and sour flavored in taste. Umeshu is rich in potassium and calcium with citric acid content 15 times more than lemons. Plum wine could help relieve and prevent digestive issues. One can recover easier from exhaustion having one drink. Does the question arise? How can we get this Japanese wine in the U.S.? California has winery dedicated to plum wines – Hoshi Plum Wine. And one can get plum wine commercially online too.

Pineapple Fruit Wines

This wine is made from juice or pulp from pineapples. In this, pineapples are fermented under temperature-controlled conditions until the wine is ready. Pineapple wines are top-rated in South Asian countries.pineapple fruit wines

Commercially pineapple wine is widely sold by Maui Winery in Hawaii. Maui Blanc is made from 100% Maui gold pineapples having crispy and tropical flavor with the very right amount of dryness. Maui Blanc is the best seller of pineapple wine. Other variants include Maui splash – a mix of Maui gold pineapples with passion fruit.

Orange Fruit Wines

A fruit wine made from oranges is orange wine! That’s what we think when the name pops up – but no orange wine does not come from the oranges. Well, the process goes like entire bunches of white wine grapes are loaded into vessels for fermentation. Then the vessel is loaded with other fruits and spices and buried underground. The result is an orange-colored natural wine, unlike the traditional red or white color.

The flavor of orange wine is quite like hazelnuts, apples, or jackfruit. Orange wine can be sour and acidic because of the different process of winemaking. Orange wine is a fruit wine and is widely available commercially. The best orange wines to try when you are expecting nothing in life and ready to prank someone! Our picks for orange wine Kabaj Rebula 2011, Foradori Nosiola Fontanasanta 2012, Andert Rulander 2012.

Apple Wine

apple fruit winesApples are a versatile fruit, and anything made out of apples is delicious – cider, sparkling wine, ice wine. Apple wine is the same as apple cider but differs in sweetness! Apple, a winemaking process, is using crushed apple juice and ferments it with lots and lots of sugar. There are various blends available using different types of apple for multiple flavors.

Apple wine tastes like – take a guess, yes! It tastes like apples with sweet and sour flavors. Aromatic flavors originate by using Red delicious, golden delicious, and McIntosh apples. Apple wines are largely available out there in the market. One can get apple wine from Earle Estates Meadery Apple Enchantment 100% Apple Wine and Apple Barns wines.

Peach Wines

Peach wines are a summer treat! Peaches are juicy and delicious fruits that create beautiful sweet and juicy wine with a bit of vinegar taste. Peach wines are not only used for a drink but also used in making desserts, pie, and cobblers. There are a lot of peach wines available commercially. Our picks for best wines are Il Conte Stella Rosa Peach, St’ James Winery Peach sweet wine.

dandelion wineDandelion Wine

Dandelions are not only for making wishes. You might be wondering why a flower is made to fruit wine. Dandelion wine acknowledged being a fruit wine. Dandelions can make tasty and delicious wine. Drinking dandelion wine is a century-old tradition that began in Europe. The wine made from the heads of the dandelions – tastes similar to brandy. But when petals are particularly used, the wine tastes sweet. Bellview Winery is one that produces dandelion wines.

There is a wide range of fruits that make fruit wine. Fruit wines have common traits – a) Process of winemaking, b) Alcohol content for fruit wine ranges from 10 to 13 percent, c) Sweet flavors. Fruit wines are very popular to drink due to its variety and taste. The health benefits are not even at a downfall. It is as nutritional as a traditional wine.

The important thing about fruit wines is that all fruit wines could be homemade. There are lots of recipes on the internet. Fruit wines matched with a long-range of food palate and savored at various occasions, parties, or as a regular drink. You just have to try the fruit wines to know they are best!

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  1. You should try cairnomohr fruit wines from Scotland, a pound of fruit in every bottle and no grapes. The sparkling strawberry is summer in a glass 😍

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