It’s Healthy to Drink Fruit Wine! Studies prove it…

A new study confirms winemakers’ beliefs that fruit wines have potential positive health benefits.

In a recent study, scientists emphasized that Ontario’s Fruit Wines have positive health benefits. The study conducted by the Guelph Center for Functional Foods, Laboratory Services at the University of Guelph by Dr. Vasantha Rupasinghe and his colleagues, was initiated to determine whether fruit wines possess basic health related constituents in comparison to traditional wines.

Scientists collected 10 major categories of fruit wines, red, white and ice wines, and tested them for a number of health promoting constituents (total phenolic content, total antioxidant capacity and mineral elements) as well as health problem causing constituents, namely histamines. The study concluded that total antioxidants and phenolics are the highest in red (grapes), elderberry, blueberry, and black currant wines, moderate in cherry, raspberry, cranberry, and plum wines and lowest in apple, peach, ice (grapes) and pear wines. It was also found that potassium was the most abundant element distributed throughout all categories of wines. Elderberry wine contained the highest levels of magnesium. Interestingly, compared to red wines, all the fruit wines had much lower levels of histamines, which is often referred to as the “headache inducing” biogenic amine present in wines.

Dr. Rupasinghe’s findings are encouraging to the fruit wine industry. “We have always trusted in the health benefits of our fruit wines,” explains Jim Warren, executive director of Fruit Wines of Ontario. “This project will help us achieve the market advantage that Ontario’s quality fruit wines deserve.” The study was partially funded by the Ontario Government and studies are underway to explore better fruit wine manufacturing practices to improve the overall quality of Ontario-produced wines.

For more information on Dr. Rupasinghe’s study and Fruit Wines of Ontario, contact Forefront Communications at 416-398-3335 or [email protected].

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