Professional Fruit Winemaking Guide Now in Print!

This is good news for fruit wine lovers everywhere. After getting too many requests and after successfully making “The Ultimate Fruit Winemaker’s Guide” available as an e-book for over a year and selling several hundreds of copies worldwide, the authoritive guide to fruit winemaking is now in print!

This book is a culmination of a passion for wine that includes 15 years of fruit winemaking experience.

When I started making wines from fruits, there was really no information specific to fruit winemaking except for a few small amateur wine recipe books from the UK. These recipes more often than not enabled the winemaker to make mediocre wines and I feel that these books did not help the bad reputation fruit wines sometimes had.

There are hundreds of wine related books in the marketplace. A lot of them deal with wine appreciation and the many wine regions of the world. Others are technical books on grape winemaking. There are basically no wine books in print that are specifically geared to the modern fruit winemaker.

A lot of experimentation (and some truly undrinkable wines) has been made due to this lack of commercial quality fruit wine information. With time, a deeper understanding of the nuances and techniques of fruit winemaking were developed and this has contributed to fruit wines now often standing on par with their grape wine cousins in some parts of the world.

With the rise in popularity of commercially made fruit wines and for the thousands of amateur and commercial winemakers who enjoy making and drinking well-made fruit wines, it’s about time this came along!

It is my sincere wish that it helps you produce world-class wines and in doing so enhance the public’s enjoyment and perception of fruit wines everywhere.

The book is now available at the following online retailers and can usually be shipped out within a day or so (just click on the graphic below to get more information on ordering a copy:


A sampling of the book is available for viewing HERE.

Happy Winemaking!

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