The Pomegranate Wines of TwinPoms

I recently found out about a new fruit winery producing one of the wines that I think may have the highest potential to really make it “mainstream” soon. Especially with the focus on health benefits, anti-oxidants, innovation and uniqueness of flavour that is out there these days.

What I’m talking about are the pomegranate wines of TwinPom winery in California.

TWIN POMS wine is a small production wine company located in Madera, California. Their 100% pure Californian Pomegranate wine is grown and processed locally, from the exotic and healthy super fruit known as the pomegranate, hand selected at optimum ripeness, crushed immediately and made into a delicious and unique fruit wine.

Twin Poms is made with fresh fruit, never using concentrate or lesser quality foreign or imported juice, nor has the juice been pasteurized or has had any artificial ingredients added to the wine to change flavor. They believe that it is important to maintain the value and integrity of the fruit so that the wine retains its high level of health benefits for which the pomegranate is well known for.

Twin Poms controls the entire production process. They are the grower of the fruit and the producer of the wine. They strives to grow the largest, juiciest, most colorful pomegranates packed with the highest concentrations of antioxidants, poly-phenols, and resveratrols.

Nick and Brian Davis are twin brothers and creators behind Twin Poms wine. Born and raised in California, they have been farming all their lives. Nick and Brian are fourth generation farmers and their family has been farming wine grapes and almonds over 34 years in Mecca, the San Joaquin Valley. Nick and Brian are both Graduates of California State Polytechnic State University, San Luis Obispo, with degrees in Viticulture, Enology, and Marketing so they are well positioned to do very well with their new wine venture.

The inspiration for their wine comes from the desire to be a little different. They wanted something that would stand out in the plethora of wines consumers have to choose from. As wines are growing in uniqueness and style, a pomegranate wine stands out in a category of its own. It is rare, unique, and exotic and represents the essence of the pomegranate.

Pomegranates have nearly twice the acid than that of grapes; consisting primarily of Citric Acid as opposed to Tartaric Acid giving our wine a completely different mouth feel.

The Alcohol content is 12.6% with approx. 3.5% residual sugar, although, this wine does not fall into the category of sweet wine. The wine was made to be more mobile and versatile than traditional wines. The name and packaging is simple, fun focuses on the consumers looking for a unique flavor or something with a twist, something known for being healthy, with a high antioxidant level. Consumers are purchasing products associated with or produced from pomegranates, including health beverages and juices and carbonated drinks, so this wine fits the bill perfectly.

These wines are worth looking out for, I certainly can’t wait to try these wines. As soon as I do, I will upload my tasting notes…

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