5 Perfect Fruit Wines to Revive your Wine Parties

Can a well-made fruit wine be used to add that extra pizzazz to your wine parties? It sure can! From the biblical time, the wine has its own significance. It is even believed that Jesus turned water into wine for a wedding procession and even towards the end of his life, it was used at the Last Supper with significant symbolism. Back then, wine was not a filtered and processed version as we are lucky to have it now.

Wine has become a must-have commodity in all occasions and even a small get-together as it now holds an important cultural essence among a lot of communities, this includes wine parties.

Initially, people were not much familiar with the varieties it now has, eventually, after a lot of research and experiments, many new varieties came into the limelight.

Apart from the classical grape wines, we now have a wide and exclusive option of wine prepared from different fruits, which are rich in nutrients and acquires a different taste and belongs to different parts of the world.

Classic wines are not made overnight. They undergo extreme processes and are stored for years which gives it the taste it has. Different variety of fruits that are used to make the greatest wines is combined with yeast and is further processed using the most well-known process of fermentation. The new addition of fruits in the list includes strawberries, blueberries, blackberries, apples, cranberries, elderberries and many more, making them a nice alternative in wine parties along with the classical options of red and white wine.

The whole concept of getting your favorite fruit in a bottle attracted a major portion of the population, and the added health benefits made these wines insanely popular amongst the masses.

What to have at your wine parties:

Some of the people’s favorite wines, always a hit at wine parties and which were proved to be the greatest inventions of all times are:

1. Strawberry wine

Wine alone has got numerous benefits, but combining it with the nutritional benefits of strawberries is what made this new variety one of its kind.
This rosy smelling drink, with cancer-fighting capabilities, filled with vitamins, great source of potassium, zero cholesterol and of course the capability of providing a young and glowing skin has made this a perfect drink for your mind, body, heart, and soul.

Strawberries as elegant, this fruit looks, sounds, tastes and conjoining it with a drink as elegant as wine will not only fulfill all the nutritional requirements of the body but will add life to your party too.

2. Rose Hip Wine

Though this wine requires a minimum of two years of storage before consuming, the sweet and strong flavor what we get is totally worth it. This incredible fruit wine is prepared with an even incredible procedure by fermenting rose hips with yeast and citric acid. These hips from the “Rugosa Rose plant” are filled with Vitamin C, A, E, B-complex and essential minerals such as iron, magnesium, zinc, sulfur, silicon etc..

Not only Rosehip wine acts as an antioxidant, but also treats diabetes, prevents colon cancer, improves cardiovascular health, skin health, treats rheumatoid arthritis and much more.

3. Redcurrant and White currant wine

More than experimenting, it was a constraint for the people living in northerly cool areas, where the cultivation of grapes is a little troublesome because of the adverse climatic conditions. At such places with extreme weather these fruits are easy to produce. White Currant, also known as beige currant is a great source of Vitamin C, B1 and a rich source of iron, copper, and magnesium.

Red currant, on the other hand, is moderate in terms of calories and are rich in Vitamin C and K and can be distinguished by its unique tart-y flavor. With potassium and calcium found in abundance, red currant is a complete package in terms of nutritional value.

4. Banana Wine

Yes, you read it right! Though not commercially famous and its production is done at a very small scale, mainly in East Africa. This wine has got a clear, sparkly appearance, with more shelf-power than banana beer, as banana beer gets spoiled easily and is not stored for a long period of time.

In Tanzania, banana wine is made by the usual fermenting of peeled, mashed, ripe bananas, by adding water (to make the thick mash dilute), yeast and adding sugar to the “banana mash”. Depending on the strain of yeast and the quantity of sugar added to the mash, the sweetness, and alcohol level in the final product changes from batch to batch.

Loaded with potassium, which is so obvious, manganese and vitamins, it is mostly preferred by the health conscious strata. This fruit wine acts more as a health tonic and controls blood pressure while aiding digestion, preserving memory and uplifts mood and prevents kidney disorders too.

5. Lychee Wine

Solely belongs to Chinese cuisine, this golden, rich wine is sweet and made of 100% fresh lychee fruit. Talking about Chinese liquor, people use lychee wine more like a dessert wine as it counters the spices in Asian cuisine. Lychee wine captures the subtle flavor of berry in wine. The wine has got a unique flavor, but not much overpowering. With the distinct fragrance of the lychee fruit and it is less acidic the wine tastes both sweet and pungent, at the same time.

“Non-grape” wines, what we call fruit wines, are the perfect refreshment for people looking for a change of taste from the traditional wines, however, for developing a taste for the drink one should start with grape wine and then move on these exciting new categories. Rich in flavonoids, an antioxidant compound found in some fruits, helps to prevent chronic diseases such as heart disease and cancer. Nitric oxide present in lychee regulates blood flow and lowers blood pressure. Nutrients such as magnesium, copper, iron, vitamin C, manganese, and folate, are found in high amount and it helps in blood circulation and its formation as well.

So, with all the above in mind, enjoy a well-made wine at your wine parties, no matter what it is and toast the best that life has to offer!

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