Hong Kong Now the World's Second Largest Wine Market

icqjht9WqKAIHong Kong is definitely one of the world’s most exciting places to visit, as it is filled with some of the best tourist attractions to be experienced and throw in countless nightlife entertainment venues as well. Just nearby, there are also endless opportunities for great nights out trying your luck at the various Macau casino options as a good number of tourists who visit this part of the world would be hard-pressed to resist trying their luck at the many online gambling sites available. People from all regions of the globe flock to the territory of Hong Kong to experience its vibrant and exhilarating atmosphere, which also goes hand in hand with the fact that it is the second largest wine industry in the world. There are many reasons why this magnificently developed place on earth is a major contributor to the wine market. The area has a large number of highly experienced merchants with exceptional knowledge in this regard, and who are able, with their skills, to efficiently manage and almost dominate the international wine trade. The merchants have perhaps come into existence because there has been a growing demand for this product in Asia over recent years. Due to this huge demand, the facilities available have also greatly improved. Massive storage buildings have been constructed (a total of thirty-eight) in order to effectively manage the space required for fine and commercial wines. The vintage wines’ record prices have even been highlighted in recent years. The government has played an important role in the latest surge of winery imports. In February of 2008, the region’s governors did away with all duty-related customs, and relinquished the previously strenuous winery administrative controls that were in place. The purpose of this act was to facilitate the growth of Hong Kong’s wine trading industry. It also enabled the region to become a major distribution center for the product, and boosted other related industries as well, which include transportation and warehousing operations. Businesses that profit from the sale of wine-related products enjoyed many benefits as well, and many other tourism related activities have arisen from this important economic trade of the region. One important example is the Hong Kong International Wine and Spirits Fair. The next fair is scheduled for early November 2013, and is promising to be an event that will be just as successful as the previous one, held in 2012. The previous year’s fair enjoyed participation from exhibitors from 36 countries and regions around the world, and over twenty thousand buyers from approximately eighty countries attended. Wine tastings in Hong Kong’s excellent wine bars, have become extremely popular as well. Those that enjoy visiting places of this sort of entertainment may also be interested in the online gambling statistics that are readily available. Although visiting actual casinos are a thrill, people who are interested in expanding their cash resources may like to visit online gaming sites such as bodog88.com. There is nothing more rewarding than winning at your favorite game after an exciting night out exploring Hong Kong’s myriad charms. A good night out for a lot of people (myself included) usually consists of sampling some of the region’s best food at local restaurants, along with an order of one of the fine wines that are sold to go along with a hearty meal. A few of the famous delicacies popularly enjoyed in Hong Kong are Cantonese, Sichuan and Hunan dishes. An example of a popular Cantonese dish is roast suckling pig; an exceptionally tender meat dish with wonderful flavors. Seafood and many other types of spicy and non-spicy food are also readily available at many enticing restaurants, some of which you can even smell while walking down Hong Kong’s streets. However, if your interest lies more on the betting or wagering kind and you are keen on searching for the latest on Hong Kong’s online gambling news, you may find that the Bodog casino bonus possibilities may be well worth your time exploring. Whether you are in Hong Kong, or in any other part of the world, finding the best online gaming portals will prove absolutely essential. Those that offer a wide variety of gaming options obviously have more potential both in terms of monetary considerations and entertainment value. You will then find the game that is most profitable for you. It should not only offer security, but provide you with the best possible customer support. Bodog, offering their unique and extremely entertaining gaming experience at their Bodog casino, is one of the most popular websites of this nature. Along with being the world’s second largest wine market, Hong Kong is leisure and entertainment at its finest. People who love playing games online, or placing wagers on online gaming sites such as bodog88.com, will definitely have their place of importance in this modern playground as well.]]>

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